YOU are qualified!  The Kingdom of Heaven is your Inheritance (a gift).  You do not have to do anything to receive this Inheritance. Jesus did it for you.  You simply need to accept the gift and shine your light brightly so that others will see your light and learn of the great Love of God.  Thank you Jesus.

God has a plan for YOU!  It is a plan that ONLY YOU can fulfill.  He has been working in the background, preparing you for the day you will SHINE!  That desire you have held for so long, the one you gave up on, THAT is your Destiny calling.  That is the gift of your Inheritance.  It is with that gift, you will shine brightly for those suffering and lost.  God says to you personally in His Word:  Behold, I have indelibly imprinted you on the palm of each of My hands.. your walls are continually before Me.  Isaiah 49:16, AMP

So rejoice and thank God for the work he is doing in you today!  This is the hour, to touch, change and mend broken lives.  Grow in it and know that YOU are valuable.  Remember also, to shine the light of Jesus everywhere you go.  YOU may be the only Jesus a person may meet.  So shine brightly and smile and Love.  The one command Jesus gave us, Love one another, people will know you are my people by your Love for one another.

The best thing we can do for our society and the world, is to be as surrendered to God's will as we can possibly be, moment-by-moment.  His Son commanded us to Love one another.  The main way the mustard-seed Kingdom expands and transforms the world is by God's people staying awake and responding to Him each moment.  Shine His light brightly and people will know the Father.   Its GREAT NEWS!!!!  The Kingdom of God is at hand...  Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you     JESUS....


Our prayers are powerful and effective. Many do not believe in the power of prayer, but there have been miracles upon miracles created through prayer.  Even if you do not believe in this power, it never hurts to have a full cheerleading crowd on yours or a family members behalf, cheering on their full recovery.  Carl and I list prayer requests because we believe powerfully in prayer.  Each family listed here thank each of you for keeping them in your hearts for prayer.  If you have a friend, family member, neighbor or yourself in need of prayer for illness, financial crises, a crises of faith or any situation that you wish the power of many souls crying out on your behalf, please email us at and we will add you to our personal prayer list and on this page so many others are praying and calling out to Heaven on your behalf.   God Bless each of you and thank you for sharing your hearts.

January 2018

Chris Anderson from Junction City, KS is 35 years young.  He has suffered a heart attack.  The men in his family have suffered with their hearts from generation to generation.  Chris is marching back to health as we begin 2018.  Please everyone come together in agreement that this generational curse be broke off Chris and that his heart be touched mightily by our Lord and Savior for complete healing.   We call out that 2018 is a new beginning for Chris and his entire family.   Thank you Jesus for your touch on Chris's life and health Amen

March 1, 2017

Steve Lankerd from Ketchikan, Alaska is requesting prayer.  He has been diagnosed with Mythsenia Gravis a neurological illness that strikes 1 in 10,000  He fought hard and coded 3 times (his wife gave cpr the first time and saved his life, coded twice more being life flighted to Seattle.  He is not in physical therapy and working to regain strength in his legs.  As can be imagined,  his medical bills are alarming which weighs on his mind as he works to regain strength.   We call out to our King,  Jesus sit beside Steve and bring his spirit comfort.  Touch his body with your healing touch and bring full healing.  Bring funding from all corners of earth to remove the burden of medical costs.  Thank you Jesus that we can call out to you, and in Love you ease to our burdens.  All praise and glory to our Lord and Savior.   Amen

October 2016  Delbert Dennis from Otter Lake, MI is requesting your prayers.   He fell over 4 months ago and has suffered a neck and spine injury.   He spent 4 months in the hospital and is now home.  He is currently in a wheel chair but is believing for complete healing by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.   In the name of Jesus, we command Delbert's spine be fully restored to perfect health.  We command in the name of Jesus,  Delbert rise and walk fully healed.   All praise and glory to our King forever and ever amen.

October 2016   Kathy Patterson is need of our prayers.  She is suffering with hives all over her body.  Hashimoto is the diagnosis given which means her body is rejecting her diet and her immune system is compromised.  In the name of Jesus we command Kathy's body be fully restored to perfect health, all hives be instantly gone.  Thank you Jesus for your loving touch to Kathy's body. Amen

April 2016,   Mark Ebbert from Charleston SC is requesting your prayers.   He is suffering Chronic Pain Syndrome and problems with Spinal Pain Stimulator.   His back pain has not stopped him from creating some very beautiful wood carving artistry, but it affects his quality of life.  The doctors are testing now to see what is causing such pain.  We each know that Jesus can STOP this pain period!  Thank you Jesus for your loving spirit in our lives.  Please add Mark to your prayer lists and his wife Susan for strength and comfort.   Jesus we call  out to you for Mark,  Pain be GONE...  Amen

April 2016,   Carl Edmondson is asking for prayer for his neck and lower back.   28 years ago Carl had C1 and C2 fused due to an accident at work.   He has suffered daily back pain for all of these years.   Now however the pain from his neck fusion has begun to cause more problems.   We both ask that you hold Carl up in prayer that his entire back be freed from pain and fully restored to health.  Jesus I hold my husband to you and call out for all PAIN be removed from his back.   All swelling in his neck that is causing dizziness and nerve pain be healed.  Thank you Lord for the constant love you shower on us both.  Knowing you are always with us is such a comfort.  We love you Jesus.

January 2016,  Don Claar from Washington has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer.  Please place him and his wife Lois on your prayer list.  In the name of Jesus, we call that cancer die Don live.  Father, may your name be glorified in this miracle healing, that as doctors recheck Don they find his body is cancer free.  We pray these things in the name of your beautiful son, Jesus.  April 2016 no updates as yet,  we continue to pray for cancer to die, Don live in the name of Jesus.   October 2016,  update.   Don has now survived 2 months past the doctors time frame,  thank you Jesus for your continued work in Don's life.  Don is now creating once again his beautiful scroll saw art.   All glory and praise to our Lord Jesus Christ.

January 2016,  James is again asking our prayers.   He suffered a minor stroke 4 days ago,  all blockage was cleared and he is now in rehab in Phoenix, AZ.   Father we pray that James be given the gift of your mighty touch, that his recovery be swift and your name be glorified.   We ask these things in your sons name Jesus, our Lord and Savior.    March update,  James has made a complete recovery with no side affects from the stroke, THANK YOU JESUS...  James thanks everyone for your powerful prayers on his behalf.  He was in the hospital for 2 weeks and 1 week of Physical therapy.  The doctors were amazed at this quick response to all therapy as it was not a minor stroke, but major...   Prayers called out to our Lord and Savior James knows was the reason for his full recovery.  Blessed is the Lamb.   amen

September 2015  Juanita from southern CA is requesting prayer.  She is having a hip replacement surgery in 2 weeks.  She requests prayer for strength during this time and a touch in her body to boost a full and speedy recovery as she has much more work to do for the Lord.  Thank you Jesus   December 2015 update, Juanita's surgery was a success and she is making a beautiful recovery.   Thank you Jesus  Update:   As of April 2016, Juanita has made a speedy recovery from hip surgery.   Again the doctors were surprised and very pleased with her recovery time.   Many thanks are sent to all that held her in prayer.   Thank you Jesus

September 2015  please add Lolly from Auburn, CA to your prayer list.  She is fighting with a rare form of liver cancer.  Jesus we hold Lolly up to you and call out "cancer die, Lolly live"   Thank you Jesus for your loving touch and full health restored to Lolly, Amen  January 2016 update,  Lolly continues her battle and is strengthened by your prayers.  Update:  April 2016,  please continue to hold Lolly in prayer.   She continues her fight with a new drug for her rare cancer.   Jesus we continue to believe our prayers are heard and you are working in her life for complete freedom of cancer.  Lolly be HEALED in the powerful name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Patsy from Lake Havasu City, AZ in 2014 requested prayer as she battled with Cancer.

March 2015  All cancer has been cast from her body and she is living a full cancer FREE life filled with the Love of our Lord.  Thank you Jesus for hearing our prayers.