As you get started with your creating adventures we guarantee you will have a lot of FUN!  We offer classes to give you a huge jump start.  There are many techniques that took me years to learn, that really enhanced my creations.  In our videos I try to teach those techniques but many of you would like to be right there with me to ask questions as you carve/engrave and create.

I have set up some classes that many carvers have asked me to teach in a class, they are listed below.  Look through the classes to get an idea of which would best suit your creating needs.  If you have a special request we can certainly discuss it and set up a special one on one class for you.

In the classes we talk a lot about how to market yourself.  We have gone through many years of learning all the WRONG ways to market ourselves and we are very happy to give you our guidance to help get you started earning an extra income.

If you have a special club you belong to that would like us to come to your area to teach to a group, please give us a call to chat.  We can discuss what options there would be for that.

Happy creating to you all.  If you have any questions on a project you are working on please don't hesitate to give us a call.  We love to talk shop!

3 day beginner class $500.00

These classes are a lot of FUN!  Carl and I love to meet you and share quality time together.  You learn a lot in these classes.  They give you such a jump start in techniques used with the high speed air equipment.  Bits that work best in each medium, at which angles.  How to market yourselves if your hope is to make an extra income or enhance your small business.  These classes truly cut years off your learning time and confidence in the ability you have to create some truly beautiful art.  If you do not already own a High Speed Engraving tool, one will be provided for you in class.

  • Learn all about your High Speed Engraving Equipment.
  • Learn which bits to use for the best results in several mediums.
  • Learn techniques that save time / learn complete us of applique film.
  • Learn marketing ideas.  Over the years we found marketing is the most difficult.
  • Maximum of 4 students per class to ensure you receive plenty of 1 on 1 training.
  • If an extra income is your goal, we will give you lists of suppliers to get the best deals for your engravables.

In this class, you will be engraving/carving 8 hours a day for 3 full days.  You will complete (13) projects in this class.  The mediums you will be working in are:


After this class you will have some beautiful projects (that YOU created) to take home with you, plus a world of confidence to begin your High Speed Engraving/Carving adventures.  

Lunch is included in this class and a LOT of great companionship and wonderful memories.  We hope to see you soon.

2 day wood class using Coyote Stencil Shop  $250.00  - -----Maximum of 4 students

See the picture here of our granddaughter from Alaska.  This picture was scanned into the Coyote Stencil Shop program and within 5 minutes I had a perfect stencil pattern to begin carving a beautiful plaque of Clara. This software is fantastic and very easy to use.  It truly was developed for the ease of the user.  In this class you will learn:

  • Scanning your picture (the one you bring to class and emailed ahead of time to Carl) into Coyote Stencil Shop program.
  • You will learn to easily create a carving ready Stencil of that picture.
  • We will then go to the studio and you will be taught to create a beautiful plaque just as I did of my granddaughter.I

I believe that the Coyote Stencil Shop software is the greatest software for carvers and engravers that has come along in years.

These classes are 8 hours a day.  Lunch is included so we can stay inside here chatting about carving and engraving during our lunch break.Hope to see you soon.

2 day beginning class hard metal  $275.00         -- ------Maximum 4 students

Many of you love to work in Metal and we have had several requests for a class devoted to Metal.  So if knives, or swords, or any type Metal engraving/carving is your cup of tea, this is the class for you.  Two full 8 hour days learning all the techniques of Metal Engraving.

Lunch is provided each day so again we can sit around the table chatting about what we have learned so far and to pick my brain for more ideas  :)

2 day Ostrich Egg Carving      $275.00-                ---Maximum of 4 students

Here is your chance for hands on training on an Ostrich egg.  We will work on an egg from getting the pattern on to completely finishing the egg.  Learn good techniques and which bits do the best job.

We provide lunch and as always enjoy time to talk about marketing and art ideas.

2 Hour You Make it You Take It class    $75.00 --Maximum of 4 students

Great introductory class into using the High Speed air equipment.   Classes are held in Lincoln, CA.   Tuesday's class is Oak Leaves in wood,  Wednesday's class is Goose Egg carving and Thursday is engraving in glass.  All supplies and equipment are furnished.  You create a beautiful piece of art (and amaze yourself as to how easy it is)  and you then take it home for bragging rights.  These little 2 hour classes are great fun and you are able to use the tool to see if it is something you would like.  Give us a call for more details 928-453-2652

In all of our classes, the mediums you are working in are provided in the class.  You take your completed projects home to share with family and friends, and to use to refer back to as you begin working in your own shop.  Please call 1-928-453-2652 to ask questions on a project you are working on, or to simply chat about how fun it is to carve and engrave your own beautiful art.

We are always here to HELP you be successful.  It is our goal to ensure you are able to SHINE in your new carving/engraving adventures.  We hope to meet you soon.

Carl & Shirley